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Relationships are not everyone’s cup of tea. Marriage and dating are concepts centering on commitment, love, and respect. It is essential for both people involved in a relationship to make time for one another and put in the effort needed to sustain it. A relationship can only work if a couple is dedicated to making things work.

Couple's therapy is a well-known form of help that couples prefer when they hit a bump. It aims to improve the bond between partners through sessions with a therapist. While effective, therapy is not a pocket-friendly option for many. Such factors make therapy a less accessible choice for couples needing assistance. An ideal alternative for this costly method is to book on couple guides book on couple guides. These books play a key role in educating couples on how they can build a better relationship.

These self-help guides provide educational material based on fact-checked information. Below are a few reasons why such books are more helpful for a couple than therapy.


A major con of couple’s therapy is that it brings an outsider into the picture. Although the therapist has no ill intentions and is only there to provide help, some couples tend to feel uncomfortable discussing their relationship with someone else. The concept of privacy is loosely present in couple’s therapy. Including a third person into a relationship for their perspective creates the possibility of the therapist being biased and providing one person more attention than the other.

Couple guides help maintain privacy. The relationship is safe from an outsider’s intrusion as the book is purchased and shared between the partners. Couples can read and hold healthy discussions over the text together, enhancing communication between them. The pair can put strategies present in the book to use personally to fix their mistakes.

Easily Available

Suppose a couple is travelling or both individuals have jobs or need to take care of children. Making time for therapy together in such a hectic schedule becomes difficult. It requires showing up to scheduled meetings which might be difficult for a couple with other commitments throughout their day. Sometimes, even travelling to the therapist becomes a burden.

Couple guides eliminate this hassle. They are available as physical copies and eBooks that are easily accessible. Once a book is purchased, the couple can carry it wherever they go. They can then read the book whenever they have time, whether before bed or during lunch breaks. Such on-the-go-therapy is not an option when you have to pay personal visits to a therapist’s office.


Therapy is pricey. While the above factors state some of its limitations, the biggest problem with therapy is its cost. While partners might invest in couple’s therapy, it does not ensure that the process will help them improve their relationship. There is no guarantee that the treatment will work. In the worst-case scenario, this causes a financial loss for the couple.

Similar to couple’s therapy, couple guides are a one-time investment by the pair. It is made when they purchase the book. The book is not restricting, and the couple has freedom over how they wish to utilize it. The book is also not costly and offers the couple the choice to use the guide until the time they feel it necessary. Reading a book once does not mean it is not available for rereading. On the other hand, therapy requires the couple to make a payment if they want to seek the treatment again.

Thoughtful Learning

Therapy offers therapists as guides through the process of a couple improving themselves in their relationship. While the role played by the therapist is beneficial, the couple only has a limited amount of time with them as there are a fixed number of sessions. Often, one person might get to communicate more with the therapist than the other in a relationship. Due to this, there is potential for miscommunication to occur.

Couple guides are always available, granting its users flexibility. They can read a text and go over it again as many times as they want for understanding. In therapy, a person cannot continuously ask the therapist to repeat what they said. Couple guides allows partners to have the time and personal space they need for thoughtful learning. While a therapist is someone the couple listens to, the text of the book requires the pair to ponder over it, which is beneficial for self-reflection.


A therapist defines the goals that the couple should reach by the end of the couple’s therapy. The therapist dictates what the couple should do or how sessions should be held. While that approach is for assisting the couple and guiding them, it is controlling. It takes away the ability of the couple to decide what they want to do.

Couple guides grant the freedom of decision-making. The couple can decide what aspect of their relationship they want to work on first and utilize the guide’s text as they see fit. Such an approach creates opportunities for the couple to collaborate and work together, a significant quality within a relationship. Using guides will inform both individuals of the demands of their significant other. They will be able to work on themselves accordingly to be a better partner.


Guides are an ideal replacement for couple's therapy. They are less restrictive and more engaging as a process aiming to improve a relationship's state. Their pocket-friendly nature and availability make them a reliable option for couples attempting to fix a relationship.

An excellent example of a book on couples guide is 7 Secrets to What Makes Love Last: A New Couples Guide on How to Save Your Marriage by Arturo James Daly. A book written by a man with his own experience of being a husband and a father, the guide created by Arturo James Daly contains self-reflection exercises, among other features for couples to refer to and actively engage with by collaborating and learning together. Available in English and Spanish, you can purchase the book now from Amazon.