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As the saying goes, “TRUE LOVE ALWAYS FINDS ITS WAY.” It might feel a bit poetic or too good to be true, but in all honesty, it does. While the rest are still searching for their soulmate or contemplating the never-ending clichés of love, there are those lucky enough to find that special someone. It becomes their duty to keep their expressions of love fresh and healthy since no good can come from a lifeless relationship. 

It is no secret that ‘effort’ and ‘consistency’ are the main ingredients in maintaining the liveliness of the relationship. To keep that SPARK, you have to put in those nourishing elements that prevent the relationship from going…bland. Arturo describes all of these secrets in his relationship books for couples

Seven Secrets to what makes love last 

Cherish every day that you found love in this chaotic world

Remember the first time you locked eyes with a person and prayed to God to make them yours? Now consider how lucky you are to wake up next to the same person every day. This realization will push you to be better, more loving, and worthy of this precious gift. Putting a smile on your partner’s face before kicking off the daily rat race will plant a seed in your ever-growing romantic environs. 

Make time for your better half

Not spending enough time with your partner is also a major reason that sends a relationship down and crashing. Asking how their day went and listening to your partner’s stories shows your care and concern. Making small plans and indulging in fun activities with your soulmate is one of the most effective ways to blow off some steam and strengthen the relationship. These acts also encourage both partners to go above and beyond to make each other happy. 

Sharing thoughts and openness toward each other

Keeping your thoughts and opinions to yourself may ignite distrust between you and your partner. Discussing personal matters and asking for advice is a way of letting your soulmate know how much their opinion matters. Telling your partner how funny it was when you stuck a popcorn in the nose of your sleeping co-worker. Explaining to them how you aced your business presentation in front of your bosses shows you want to share every aspect of your life. 

Giving your partner the space they deserve

As much as being open is important, it is also necessary not to jump into everything your partner goes through. If you realize something is going on in their life that they don’t want to share with you just yet, let it be. Understanding the fine line between personal space and openness is another sign of a healthy and trusting relationship. Everyone carries their burden, and letting them handle it their own way is sometimes the best solution. 

Never Miss a Chance for Romance

Well, if not with them, then with who? Romance is the purest and most exciting form of love. Do not miss the opportunity to make your partner blush, whether you are out in the open or at home. If pretending to be her celebrity crush works, do it. Letting them know their eyes still drive you crazy will never go in vain. Don’t be shy to try new things while being intimate with your partner. It keeps the spark alive, and attempting new techniques and forms of love is key to taking your relationship to a new level. Remember, this is the person you fantasize about while watching or reading a romantic story. 

Don’t let external affairs affect your relationship

It might seem odd, but the external environment affects the couple’s relationship in many societies. Never ever prioritize any third entity over your partner. Be aware of the knots that might occur because of an outsider between you two. Express the unconditional trust you have for your soulmate, and don’t hesitate to discuss if you feel any gap or observe a distant behavior concerning someone else. 

Be their best friend

Lastly, be their best friend, be their partner in crime. Make sure you are always with the person you love the most to do the things you enjoy most. It goes for your partner, too, be their buddy and cherish all the moments with them. Cry with them during a sad movie, or dance with them to their favorite song. Go that extra mile to make the lightest of moments memorable, and live every minute of your life knowing that this is the best time you are living with the love of your life. 

Furthermore, it is best to refer to an expert or read a book that explains the principles of making love last.

Arturo James Daly, a relationship coach, describes the perfect remedies for a tumbling and wounded relationship. In his book 7 Secrets to what makes love last, he explains how to avoid and manage conflicts that can be destructive for a couple. It also provides direction to increase intimacy and adopt different approaches that spark the bond. The book 7 Secrets to what makes love last is available on amazon in kindle edition.