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When you are in a relationship, the main motive for both of you is to stay happy. But, is it really possible to make someone love you when deep down you are feeling miserable yourself? It might sound impossible to be a reason for relief for someone when you are suffering yourself, but the reality is that it can eventually help you ease your own pain.

When you are struggling with your pain, it can take a lot out of you to even make sense of things, but making your partner happy in different ways might help you get over your own trauma. The secret behind it is not to blame yourself for the suffering of your beloved one as it can push you into further trouble, making it difficult for you both to survive.

The key to success is identifying the things that might make both of you happy, forcing you to forget the pain temporarily. It's important that you understand the dynamics of your relationship and not let your personal stress reflect on your relationship with your partner. You can find things that you both love to share and make up for the lost time by finding solace in small things that matter to you.

The reasons behind your pain might have no connection with your relationship or partner. Still, the best relationship advice for couples is to talk things through and find a middle ground where you feel safe in opening up to your partner. There's a possibility that your partner might feel happy and secure knowing that you feel safe around them while opening up about how you feel about certain things.

The art of making your loved one happy helps you to think beyond yourself individually and start thinking about both of you. The approach can not only help in resolving a relationship's conflict but can also make you a more sensible and empathic person towards your better half, leading you both to peaceful love life.

Suppose you are still unsure about how you can find peace by making your partner happy. Then you can refer to books like Arturo James Daly's "7 Secrets To What Makes Love Last" to better understand how your partner's happiness can affect your mental well-being.

Here are a few factors that indicate how making your partner happy can ease your pain.

A Sense of Purpose

If you are a person who questions their purpose in life, then you can find it in making your partner happy. The feeling of being a reason for happiness for your beloved one can help you regain your purpose in life and feel happy about yourself. It can bring you an understanding of how important you are in your partner's life and what difference do you make in their surroundings. There's also a possibility that making your partner happy makes them talk about the things they love so you can get a new purpose of supporting them in the things they might wish to pursue in the future.

An Emotional Bridge

A bridge of compassion and emotional attachment between you and your partner can be constructed by making them happy. You can use things that make them happy to communicate your feelings without making them feel like a culprit. If you feel miserable due to some relationship problems that you two might be having, then talking things through can introduce you to solutions you didn't know existed.

Getting Rid of Baggage

It often happens that you carry baggage for a long time, and it eventually turns into a constant pain for you. Making your partner happy can help you eliminate past sorrows and encourage you to live in the moment, sharing the good about life that you both cherish. Releasing the baggage can provide you with a clear roadmap about your life and relationship, which can make your life a lot easier than before.

Popular relationship books suggest this idea of letting things go as it can help you fight your demons at some point in the relationship. Arturo James Daly, the author of 7 Secrets To What Makes Love Last, suggests, "Make sure you're not bringing anything into the space that will hinder the new chapter with your spouse."

Finding Comfort

Finding comfort in the things that make your partner happy can become your way of dealing with your grief. It's important to cherish the moments that you two spend together to ensure that nothing between you two can sabotage the bond you have built. You can use small gestures to bring a smile to your partner's face so you can think of them whenever you feel unwanted or sad.

Building Connection

Many couples out there feel that they have lost the connection they once had. If you are one of the people who are hurt due to the loss of that bond, then you can find things to ask your partner that you can do to fix things in your relationship. It can be beneficial in many ways, including the fact that it would not only make your loved one happy but will also provide relief to your pain.

The Search for Love

Sometimes it becomes hard for you to find reasons to love yourself in a relationship. What you can do in order to feel loved is to make your better half happy and get their support and love to overcome a sense of loss and pain. You can look at it as a chance to bring compassion and empathy in your relationship that you couldn't find before. Another thing that you can do is to reciprocate the gestures of love for your partner that you couldn't get in your previous romantic encounters. It would not only make your love life simpler but can also make your partner happier in the future.

Arturo James' book, "7 Secrets to What Makes Love Last," provides comprehensive relationship advice for couples.

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