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Getting married to someone is one of the most important decisions of your life, as it takes a mammoth effort to sustain happiness within marriage. What a marriage requires goes beyond love. One needs to have the right amount of patience to understand another person's perspective. 

Sometimes, married couples find it challenging to communicate despite knowing each other for years. It often leads to frequent arguments pushing them to reconsider their life choices. It's important to understand that disagreements are necessary for a healthy relationship.

Many people would ask then, what makes it challenging to sustain a marriage? The reality is that the answer to this isn't that simple. Different little things often create a strange rift between couples. Sometimes they become so unbearable that it becomes too hard to live under one roof.

Every relationship has different dynamics. Some problems faced by the couples are often too complex to be sorted through dialogue. People willing to make things work opt for varying channels to seek help in hopes of saving their relationship.

Some prefer talking to a therapist, and others choose to seek help from a relationship counselor. There's another way for couples to save their marriagerelationship. Relationship books in recent times have become an option in the list of things to doto save a marriage. Many couples around the world have found solutions in these self-help books to find a solution to their problems, and sort grave messes out.

If you have mentioned books in your "Things I love to do" list; this blog can help you save your teetering marriage. The blog will talk about some carefully chosen books that can help couples trying to keep their relationship.

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

Written by Jon M. Gottman, Ph.D., this book offers a new approach for couples to repair their failing marriage. The book talks about insights and observations that the authors have had by studying different couples. The tools and techniques mentioned take inspiration from the author's vast experience. The methodologies can help couples mend their bond with the help of science.

I Love You but I Don't Trust You

The book I Love You but I Don't Trust You by Mira Kirshenbaum has shed light on the couple's lack of trust. It serves as a complete guide for couples facing issues like infidelity, betrayal, dishonesty, or something from the past. It's written so that couples can learn a thing or two about the level of trust. It can help the couples rebuild their relationships and look towards a fresh start in their lives.

The 5 Love Languages

The 5 Love Languages stands as one of the most recommended books to save failing marriages. The author Gary Chapman has made things simple for couples in this book. It comprises details that push couples to start loving each other once again. The book emphasizes that love exists, but couples often get lost. It's perfect for anyone willing to do the work required to save their relationship.

7 Secrets To What Makes Love Last

7 Secrets To What Makes Love Last by renowned relationship coach Arturo James Daly is also a valued addition to the list, a book that can surely help you mend your marriage. It is a complete guide for couples that have lost the magic of love in their lives. Arturo has used his vast experience to shed light upon some of the main issues couples face today. The book talks about the importance of intimacy, communication, and empathy. It provides a chance for couples to introspect on their lives and take a new road to build a stronger bond. The book contains detailed steps to save a marriage to help any couple struggling to make things work.

What Did You Expect?

Author Paul David Tripp in his book What Did You Expect, urges couples to introspect in order to find out the root cause of conflict. The book teaches that it is very much plausible that the problem you are finding in your partner lies in you. This book can help couples reassess their lives and find the answers from within rather than blaming their partner. This approach can help them make themselves better while adding value to the relationship.


Marriage is a bond that requires patience and compromises from both ends. However, things often don't work despite one's best efforts. In that case, many couples opt for numerous ways to find refuge. Some find solace by talking to a professional, while others seek therapy. In most cases, these steps may help a couple rebuild their relationship.

Relationship books in recent times have gained popularity among couples. People have started to refer to different relationship guides to seek help for their relationships. Many authors have contributed to this cause which has helped couples find various solutions. If you love to read, you can grab a copy of a relationship book and try it. In addition, you can use the book as a chance to spend time with your partner by reading the book together.

7 Secrets To What Makes Love Last by relationship coach Arturo James Daly is one of the recent contributions. The book talks about the need for trust, affection, empathy, and intimacy among couples. Arturo uses his meticulous approach and experience to help the pair find a path to walk together.

The book is a complete guide for married couples to help them find solutions in their personal lives. It has different themes that can allow couples to think about their relationship. In short, the book contains something for everyone.

You can get Arturo James Daly's 7 Secrets To What Makes Love Last on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback formats.