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The feeling of falling in love is beautiful. It's one of the natural processes that exhilarates our minds and hearts. Love makes people do unusual things. It evokes emotions bringing us closer to our loved ones. It's a feeling that takes us to new heights of excitement and emotional attachment.

When the flames of passion marking the initial years of relationships begin to diminish, we are only left with two choices - to settle for that person or move on. There are times when one might be faced with a dilemma, finding it hard to believe if one is in love or not.

The feeling of dilemma can make one question their choices in life. It can trick our brains into thinking something that does not hold true in our lives. This scenario leaves people looking for answers regarding the situation unfolding in their lives.

Getting the correct answers at the right time can help people save their lives and make rational decisions. It can provide them with a clear perspective about where their love life is heading and what's coming next.

Are you a person who thinks they are falling out of love? This blog will help you understand what's happening to you and perhaps serve to answer your dilemma.

Read these seven signs that indicate you are falling out of love. It might help you make the right decision and save yourself from regrets in the future.

You are Questioning Your Feelings

Love means having certainty about your feelings toward your beloved partner. It can be a sign of falling out of love if you question your feelings for them. It's true that sometimes, some things are better to let go of. If you spend most of your time reconsidering your feelings, you might lean toward a breakup with your current partner.

You Don't Look Forward to Seeing Them

When you are in the initial face of your dating life, you look for excuses to see your partner. It's the time when a single glimpse of them means the world to you. However, after the honeymoon phase is over and your life lacks the passion that once characterized your relationship, things might break apart. The lack of passion and excitement in a relationship might suggest calling it quits. You have fallen out of love if you are not spending enough time with your partner.

Lack of Intimacy

Intimacy plays a pivotal role in making a relationship last longer. It helps you connect with your partner at a different tangent altogether. According to Arturo James Daly, the author of 7 Secrets To What Makes Love Last

"Approaching intimacy the same way each time will lead to your partner getting bored and uninterested anymore. This will certainly cause the relationship to get stale if you're not trying to change things up from time to time".

If you no longer find the will to be intimate with your partner, it might signal you are falling out of love. It is a sign that you are no longer attracted to them as lovers. This can initiate fights and put your years-old companionship on the verge of a breakup.

The Presence Annoys You

Do you find yourself irritated by the presence of the person you once adored? It can be a sign of you drifting away from your partner. If you are not into the relationship as the same person you once were, you might need to consider parting your ways.

Triggering Fights

Fights are a part of a healthy relationship. But what if there's nothing but fights in a relationship? When fights become a routine, they might take away the true essence of a relationship. The absence of love creates space for many negative emotions that can overshadow positive feelings. If you find yourself regularly fighting with your better half, it might signify that you are falling out of love.

You Don't Talk Often

In the initial days of a relationship, you look for reasons to talk to your partner. It is the time when hearing their voice brings you all the happiness in the world. However, the perpetual lack of communication can push relationships to a dead end. If you are at a point where you don't feel like talking, your relationship might end. In 7 Secrets To What Makes Love Last, Arturo James Daly emphasizes the sheer importance of communication.

The Absence Makes You Happy

When you are in the honeymoon phase of a relationship, you hate to be away from your partner. You find every possible way to be closer to them. However, as the flames of love subside, you might find yourself happy in their absence. If that's what you feel, then it can end your fairytale. Finding reasons to get away from your partner is a clear sign of nothing left in a relationship. You are letting yourself fall out of love. It signifies that it has come to part ways with your once beloved partner.

The truth is that we don't have control over what we feel as humans. Sometimes we make decisions that often lead us on a path to regret. It's crucial to understand that human relationships are sensitive in nature. There are times when we are vulnerable and need something to hold us back. If you feel that it's time to call it quits in a relationship, it's your personal choice. However, there's always a chance to make it work against all odds.

Letting go of the person you once loved with all your heart isn't the best decision whatsoever. You might need to call them back while rekindling the same flames of love and passion once again. This is where Arturo James Daly's 7 Secrets To What Makes Love Last comes into play.

The book is a complete guide to helping lovers mend their broken relationships. It's a book of love that can help you get back to the person you love. Arturo has provided ways for struggling couples to discover love from a new perspective.

Get your hands on Arturo James Daly's 7 Secrets To What Makes Love Last and fall in love again.